Viruses are small pieces of software that secretly install themselves on your computer. They then run automatically, executing a “payload” that can be at times bothersome, and at times destructive.


Viruses can be propagated by the same means that you use to share your data with the rest of the world: Diskettes, CD-ROMS, and, of course, the Internet. Today, the principle means of virus propagation is e-mail. Once installed, a virus can send itself to everyone listed in your address book–or, in the case of some viruses, to everyone whose e-mail address is stored somewhere on your hard drive. Many viruses modify the sender’s address on the outgoing message, making it difficult–and sometimes impossible– to identify the infected system.


Many of today’s viruses exploit your address book in order to propagate. But the damage generally doesn’t stop there. Viruses can cause all sorts of damage to your system–for example, they can slow it down, corrupt your operating system (making it impossible to start the machine), or destroy your data.


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