MailCleaner is a product and a registered trademark owned by Alinto AG.
Alinto AG is a Swiss private company registered in 1996 under the
Federal Identification Number CH-020-3026150-8.

The company is privately hold, 100% of the shares owned by employees and private equity.

Financial Results

MailCleaner sales grow very significantly since its launch in 2002.

The financial growth of Mailcleaner since its launch in 2002

MailCleaner is distributed since 2002 through a network of resellers worldwide. Promoting the product is also ensured by the Open Source software. Our efforts since 2002 have allowed us to ensure a very steady growth close to 20% per year.

The company is open to all kind of collaboration that could allow us to
grow faster and especially in USA.

For any question regarding partnership with MailCleaner (Alinto AG), please send an email