MailCleaner offers a unique solution to guarantee that all data is analyzed confidentially and transparently.

An antispam/antivirus filter “reads” e-mail contents automatically, analyzing them and making decisions based on detected content, then transfers the messages to their final destination. Aside from the analysis, the product is in permanent contact with the software company’s technical center in order to receive automatique updates.

It is therefore very important for the end client to procure guarantees–contractual as well as technical–that all aspects of e-mail management are handled confidentially.

It would be quite serious if copies of certain messages fell in the wrong hands. Imagine a company’s e-mail system under surveillance by a competitor, or that of a public administration by a foreign state.

Filtering solutions whose code cannot be verified are therefore to be excluded in order to guarantee confidientiality from a technical perspective, even if the contract associated with such a product “promises” that the data will not be vulnerable to abuse in any way.

MailCleaner is an entirely Open Source product, and each client who wishes to do so can audit the source code. In this way, the client can be 100% certain of how the product operates in every aspect. This open approach is the highest guarantee of trust and confidentiality that a software company can offer.