Cloud or appliance spam filter to protect your business.

MailCleaner is a business anti spam gateway installed between your mail infrastructure and the Internet. It offers professional protection against viruses and eliminates up to 99% of spam.

Main benefits of our anti spam services

Anti Spam Software

While email is necessary for any corporate operations, it can also expose your company to a myriad of risks. This is because it offers virus, spyware, ransomware, cryptolocker, trojan and other harmful programs easy access to your business computers for phishing or extortion attack. This is where MailCleaner can help by stopping malware before it even reaches your employees’ inboxes. Its spam filter server ensures that more than 99% of unwanted messages are blocked, analyzing each message, so you only receive those that are important. If a harmful file is detected, MailCleaner will automatically send it to a quarantined zone where it cannot cause any more damage in the future.

Flexible Anti Spam Services

We are proud to offer a number of packages suitable for small companies as well as large corporations. Our spam filtering service is easily configured by changing your DNS with your online internet provider. After this, all mail will then be filtered through our effective hosted servers which send all unwanted messages and viruses to the online quarantine folder. MailCleaner is also perfect for any ISP as it works over a variety of domains with different spam filtering rules. Each server gateway can also handle large volumes of traffic plus the software is easily installed in less than fifteen minutes! MailCleaner is also the best antispam gateway for O365 because it allows you to simply monitor your traffic, but also to manage your newsletter permissions.

A More Secure Option

MailCleaner is certainly a recommended solution for any company. From small sole traders to large corporations, our anti spam software provides the best virtual enterprise protection around. From spam to viruses, our software is guaranteed to be the blocker for any unwanted files or messages. Whether you want a shared or virtual cloud based solution, contact us today. Our staff can be reached by phone, email or our site’s electronic form and will be happy to discuss how our appliance can act as the email firewall that you require. De-cluttering your commercial inbox is now easier than ever before!

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