We simulate email attacks to evaluate how well or bad your employees react to a phishing attempt.

Phishing and pharming attacks may have disastrous consequences on the company data, IT assets, productivity, reputation, etc.
If your employees are not aware of these kind of attacks, they might follow bad links, get redirected on fraudulent website, get their device infected with malicious code, viruses, cryptolockers, malwares, trojans or keyloggers and provide sensitive information to the cyber criminal.

1- Preparation

Our engineers will design an email and a landing page, simulating an attack.
Many scenarii can be set up, from very obvious to very realists scams.
Our team will advise you a scenario adapted to your business and experience. Just a few examples :
– a partner asking you to reset your password
– an online contest to win an iPhone
– a manager asking to process an urgent paiement, etc.

2- Attack

The message containing the phishing link can be sent to a specific department or the whole company.
We will collect the following data : users who open the email, who follow the link, who provided some sensitive data (password, etc..) and who reported the scam.
An audit report presenting the results will be sent (employee data can be anonymized).

3- Debriefing (optional)

A debriefing for your employees can be organized (remotely or in situ) to present the results and answer questions. Additionally, we can provide an security awarness training related to emails and web browsers usage : how phishing emails work ? how it might look like in Microsoft Outlook, 0365, any webmail or what’s app ? Can a phishing email affect an iPhone or any other mobile device ? How to recognize fraudulent websites ?

Budget :

1- Preparation : starting at* CHF 1200
2- Attack : starting at* CHF 500
3- Debriefing : starting at* CHF 600
* depend of the number of users

Get in contact with us to know more about phishing audits and receive a customized offer !