MailCleaner Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Having very satisfied clients is key to our company’s long-term success. An annual customer experience survey is an indicator of overall success. Moreover, because it captures the entire experience, from the account management to technical support to the periodic business reviews. We are pleased that the survey shows consistent scores on satisfaction.

Overall Satisfaction:

We saw a record number of responses from our global customer base. We appreciate the continued high marks and thoughtful feedback.
Our overall customer satisfaction score from respondents was 91.5%. Customers rated us on service quality, responsiveness, technical issue follow-up and resolution, functional and technical knowledge, and our understanding of their businesses.
88.2% are satisfied with the reliability & look and feel of the product.

Satisfaction with MailCleaner Team:

89.8% of surveyed clients are very satisfied with the overall support services of MailCleaner team they interact with. This result makes us incredibly proud because reliability, both in our models and how we support our clients, is one of our core company values. Clients feel confident with our helpful and knowledgeable employees.

Clients find that the MailCleaner team they interact with performs very well on the following aspects:

  • 89.9% of surveyed clients find the MailCleaner team are responsive in addressing their business needs or concerns
  • 94.9% find the MailCleaner team are very good at understanding clients’ technical concerns.
  • 88.1% are satisfied with our support in answering them


71.2% of our customers are long-standing and using the products over 2 years.  Shows a great amount of patronage towards the brand.

  • Overall, 62.7% of customers are using the high performing, stable, and reliable MailCleaner Virtual Appliance – both with the enterprise and ISP/MSP partners.
  • As you might expect, more customers are moving to a cloud solution with less upgrading or migrating to a new on-premise system, MailCleaner Cloud Services is fast catching up with the SMB Sector – Now standing at a score of 23.7%.
  • Our ever-popular optional upgrades remain relatively consistent, with positive customer interests at 23.7%.

Drilling down, we see that:

  • 72.9% of customers rate the quality of our products as very high or high quality
  • 62.7% place MailCleaner as excellent to very good on the value for money for the product.


86.4% are likely to purchase any of our products again in the future and a solid 68.8% of responders were highly likely or likely to recommend our services. We value the time our customers take to speak with prospective customers and industry analysts. Their positive references have helped us secure many new customers over the years.

We listen and act:

It’s not just about what we did right, but also about how we can improve the level of customer satisfaction. We asked for – “recommendations to help us improve our products and service”. The feedback is meaningful guidance for our investments and processes. The answers were confirming and informative, and we’ll explore those responses internally with our teams in the coming weeks.

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