MailCleaner is the best choice for ISPs and ASPs who aim to offer their clients a quality antispam/antivirus filter. Our Anti Spam for ISP is very user friendly.
Many ISPs who favor Open Source solutions have adopted our product for a variety of reasons:


Easily manage thousands of domains per server

Config by domain

Independently configure each domain: Destination server, authentication method, quarantine preferences, default language, web template, etc.

SMTP callout

Allow each domain the possibility to enable SMTP callout, a technique that immediately rejects all messages sent to invalid addresses

Mail routing

Choose a different destination for each domain if so desired

Granularity of admin permissions

Delegate the admin work over many accounts: For each domain, multiple administrators with varying permissions can be created, e.g., allowing one administrator to change domain defaults, while another can only access user quarantines

Install parallel filters

Install any number of MailCleaner servers in parallel to handle large volumes of email traffic

Robust redundance

Protect your filtering infrastructure by leveraging the redundance of servers installed in parallel

Prices adapted to service resale

Take your pick of one of our many license pricing models, based on volume or on domain count or per server, that are tailored to the needs of ISPs and ASPs

No setup fee

Simply request a license number and start providing Anti Spam filtering services to your customers within an hour.
Anti Spam for ISP: Pricing per domain, per server, or by volume.
The first 30 days are free!

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