The MailCleaner anti-spam filter is our main contribution to the effort to diminish greenhouse gases. A study by ICF International has revealed that spam generates 0.3g of carbon dioxide per message, much of which is released when producing the electricity used by the recipient’s workstation. Retaining spam upstream in a filter like MailCleaner allows us to save that energy. Taking into account the number of MailCleaner customers worldwide, this represents a savings of tons of carbon dioxide each day!

Hosted Services 100% GREEN

Starting on 1 January 2011, the electricity used by our MailCleaner Cloud Services is guaranteed to be 100% renewable energy. Generated locally, notably in the cantons of Vaud and Valais, it is composed as follows:

Certification TUV
Hydraulic energy: 90%
Energy recycling, Wind turbine energy, Solar energy: 10%

Our electric utility provider, SIL has TUV certification that guarantees the origin of electricity consumed by MailCleaner Hosted Services and Cloud Appliance.