What Are The Benefits Of Email Encryption For Businesses?


Implementing a cybersecurity strategy is a key investment in protecting data for any business. With a significant increase in remote working in recent years, identifying secure channels for communication is a significant aspect of this strategy. Whilst most companies utilise a range of messaging platforms to facilitate easy and efficient communications whilst working remotely, using an encrypted email service alongside these platforms is essential for many businesses to provide mail privacy protection.

There is a wide range of companies offering email encryption services with different benefits to each option. The main protocols used for email encryption are TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a later and more comprehensive protocol. Using algorithms these protocols protect data by converting the content of an email to an unreadable format that cannot be interpreted by third parties. This content is then converted back using an encryption key within the recipient’s email.

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Secure Communications

For any business, email security is a must when sending and receiving sensitive information. Many email services have the option to use standard email for the majority of communications switching to encrypted email for sensitive and confidential content. Implementing encryption services for secure communications significantly reduces the risk of sensitive communications information being compromised.

Key Features Of High-Quality Email Encryption Services

There is a number of key features to look out for when choosing an email protection service for your organisation. The key feature is end-to-end encryption provided by a protocol such as TSL or SSL. Whilst SSL is the more recent encryption protocol, TSL is still widely used providing effective algorithms for secure email communications. Another feature that can improve email security is 2-factor authentication. Some email encryption service providers also offer encryption for other tools such as calendars and cloud storage.

Secure File Sharing Services

Whilst encrypted email provides a clear route to secure communications there are limitations to this service. Often it can be necessary to share large documents where the file size exceeds the limit for the email service provider. In these instances, secure file sharing services such as Mimecast or Dropbox provide the option to securely share password-protected files where they cannot be sent over email.

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