Email accounts hold a lot of confidential information which is why they are often targetted by hackers. However, as their techniques become more sophisticated it becomes harder to recognise security breaches if you don’t have anti-spam software installed so always be on the lookout for small changes.

Here are four common signs that your email security has been breached.

You are locked out of your account

The most obvious sign that your email account has been hacked is having trouble signing in. For example, if you try to sign in and find that your previous password has been changed, a hacker may have gained unauthorised access. Although you may be able to recover your account, the hacker could have already accessed personal information so make sure your other accounts are secure.

Spam messages are being sent from your account

When a hacker infiltrates your email account, they may send malicious spam emails from your account to your contacts. In many cases, these look like regular emails but the links included in the email can be extremely dangerous when clicked or replied to. If you notice strange activity on your account, always report it as soon as possible. Check your ‘sent’ box for any suspicious email that you did not send.

Recovery information and verification

Once somebody has logged in to your email account they can go on to hack other accounts using the same email address. You may receive account recovery information as they try and change passwords, make purchases or gain more information from other accounts. If you have not requested a change in password, do not respond to the email as this could allow full access to other accounts.

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