Three Consequences Of Data Breaches

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Something that is becoming more and more common in business nowadays is data breaches, where a hacker or scammer will get access to data stored on private servers and threaten to use it. Data is incredibly important to business nowadays, with everything from customer details to payment information stored online in secure servers.

That is why this data needs to be kept as secure as possible. Here are some of the consequences of data breaches, and how to keep your business safe and secure.

Loss Of Money & Business

One of the biggest consequences of a data breach is that you can lose out on money and business. Financial information stored on your servers could be used to access and steal the business and any customer’s money. If the data breach can’t be traced, it can be very hard to get this money back.

Any data breach will probably disrupt the business for a while as it recovers. During this time a company can lose out on money from new and existing customers as you scramble to fix issues.

Fines & Fees

You may be fined and have to pay penalties as a result of a data breach and may have to pay for a forensic investigation to see how the breach was caused. Also increasing your security so this doesn’t happen again will be costly.

Loss Of Trust And Reputation

When a customer works with a business and provides them with their data, they enter into an agreement that this data will only be used for certain things. This can include very sensitive information that they would not give to anyone, such as medical or financial details.

If a data breach occurs, a customer will probably lose trust in a company and won’t want to work with them today. This also affects a customer’s reputation in an industry. If people are aware that a company has had a data breach in the past, they will be wary to work with them.

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