In modern times email is necessary for every business. While it makes communication much more efficient it also brings with it a range of risks. The cost of email security threats can be staggering. If sensitive customer data of financial information is exposed you might find your business is at risk of fines and legal procedures. In addition, a business can lose an immeasurable amount of revenue due to damage to reputation, reduced customer confidence and ultimately loss of business.

We’ve found that spam email is becoming increasingly convincing. You might find emails in your inbox that are masquerading as a trusted and well known company such as Paypal. They will usually encourage you to follow a link onto a website or ask for sensitive data. By following the link or the instructions in the email you’ll be handing over confidential business information to criminals and potentially giving hackers access to your systems.

Spear phishing attacks are socially engineered campaigns designed to trick unsuspecting employees. Attackers will create fake profiles on social media and networking sites in order to gather information and launch targeted email attacks in the future. They will for instance, find out the name of your Managing Director from a site such as LinkedIn and email your employees posing as them in order to try and obtain sensitive data.

Ransomware is a form of malware that is designed to encrypt data and block access to a computer system. It will be emailed to you and your employees via PDF or Word document attachments. They will usually appear to be trustworthy, however when they are clicked on the attachments can encrypt your files so you aren’t able to access them before demanding payment. This form of scam can cause your entire business to grind to a halt and thousands of pounds to be lost in the process.

MailCleaner can help to protect your business emails from security threats by stopping them before they even reach your employees’ inboxes. Our spam filter server, ensures that 99% of unwanted messages are blocked, analysing each message so that you only receive those that are important. Any filtered emails will then be sent to a quarantined zone where they can’t cause any damage.

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