The new year brings new, exciting opportunities, but also new, dangerous threats alongside them. What new threats should you be aware of? And how can you protect your business from cybercrime in 2019?

Artificial intelligence

Experts predict that this year we’ll see attackers use more AI. Sean Bradley for Techadvisor explained that “2019 will be the year of AI in many ways, and will find its way to be applicable in several industries with both positive and negative effects. Sadly, AI has no moral compass (yet?) so it will be employed by unscrupulous individuals to find new ways to break and circumvent defences”.

Healthcare organisations targeted

Bob Adams of Mimecast predicts that in 2019, healthcare organisations will become the number one target for attackers. Adams describes how ‘the evolution of attacks has made it much harder to secure the industry, creating and growing an entire ecosystem that lends itself to multiple forms of fraud that the attacker can profit off of.

Rising fraud attacks

It’s expected that fraud attacks will continue to rise throughout 2019 and that cybercriminals will leverage new tactics to trick both retailers and consumers. Steven Gray, Head of Payments, Tax and Fraud for Radial explains that “we will continue to see them utilizing compromised data obtained from data breaches, but beyond that we can anticipate the use of account take over efforts like attacking small and medium-sized online merchants that don’t have proper eCommerce fraud risk technologies, and attacking online merchants with high speed velocity, identity takeover, and brute force high volume attempts”.

How can I protect my business?


New year, new threats, new training. That’s right as you prepare for the year ahead you should update your training so that your staff are all fully aware of the threats faced by your business and cybersecurity best practices.

Antispam software

It’s essential that you implement effective antispam software to protect your business from cybercriminals. MailCleaner is a gateway installed between your chosen mail infrastructure and the internet. It offers professional protection against viruses and eliminates up to 99% of spam.

Report any cybercrime

If you do experience any form of cybercrime you should report it to the police and the appropriate authority in your country. This will help to prevent future attacks on both your business and others.

To find out more about how MailCleaner antispam software can protect your business from cybercrime in 2019, visit our website.