A new email phishing scam claiming to be from Apple is circulating the web, Hoax Slayer website has warned.

The message claims that the recipient’s User ID, shipping, and billing details were updated, and the user is urged to click on a link in order to change the account password if the changes were unauthorised.

The scam tries to fool Apple users to provide cybercriminals with their account login information and other sensitive financial and personal information.

People who click on the link will be redirected to a fake log-in page that looks exactly like the genuine page on the Apple website. After the user has logged-in, they will be taken to an online form that urges them to verify their account information by providing their ID, contact, and credit card details.

The information users provide will be collected by cybercriminals who might use those details to commit identity theft, credit card fraud, and they will also be able to hijack the user’s Apple account and use it for criminal purposes.

Just like other large companies, Apple is usually a target for such email phishing campaigns. People should be very cautious when receiving an unsolicited email from the company that claims they should provide personal information, login, ID, account or credit card details by clicking a link or opening a file attached to the message. There is no large company that would require such sensitive information from its users.