Do you often find your inbox is flooded with spam email? You aren’t alone! Statistics show that in September 2018, 53.49% of all email traffic was spam! Battling the constant onslaught of junk email is time-consuming and can even be dangerous, given that opening just one spam email can expose your computer to viruses and phishing attacks. Read on to discover how to reduce the amount of spam email you receive.

Invest in anti-spam software

You wouldn’t leave your house or office unlocked and open to criminals, so why leave your computer and business unprotected and open to spam, hackers and cybercriminals? Investing in anti-spam software such as MailCleaner cloud is an investment in safety.

Limit where you display and enter your email address

Exercise caution when it comes to displaying your email address and even entering it into websites. The more places you post it, the more spam you likely receive. Remember that on social media sites, if someone needs to contact you they can send you a direct message. We’d advise setting up a contact form or a separate general email on your business website to prevent cybercriminals easily finding your email address on there.

Never reply to spam

When you reply to a spam email (even if you reply requesting them to stop contacting you) you’re confirming that the email address is active and the sender will continue to bombard with junk email.

Don’t forward chain messages

If you forward chain emails, not only are you increasing overall email volume, you might also be furthering a hoax and you’ll lose control over who can see your email address.

Mark spam

Although it can feel like a time-consuming task, marking spam emails when they come into your inbox will help your email filter to spot them in the future.