Phishing attacks remain one of the most common security challenges faced by all computer users including businesses. In fact, according to the Action Fraud and National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, nearly 100,000 people reported receiving phishing scam emails in the UK in 2015. The majority are easy to spot but unfortunately, in recent times, we’ve seen Phishing attacks become increasingly complex and creative therefore much harder to notice. A recent study found that out of 150,000 phishing emails, 23% of recipients opened the phishing messages and 11% opened the attachments.

You might have heard of email encryption as a technique to protect your sensitive data from hackers. There have been notable developments in encryption technologies which make them much easier for everyone to use to give their cybersecurity some extra reinforcement.

However, as advanced encryption becomes increasingly accessible for all computer users to implement, it also becomes much easier for cybercriminals to use in order to make their phishing emails even harder to detect.

Reportedly, hackers are now using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which is a method adopted by the US government and the National Security Agency. Phishers are using AES to encrypt their infrastructure designs and make the analysis of phishing sites and emails more challenging. Thanks to AES, computers users might now find that a brief investigation of the page or email won’t detect any content related to phishing as it is all contained in the unreadable encrypted text. This, unfortunately, means that many browsers and security software won’t alert users and dangerous phishing emails might end up in your inbox when they should be sent straight to your junk folder.

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