Email attacks are on the rise and it’s important that you know how email attackers can gain access to your account. Read our guide on four of the ways these criminals can get into your account and how you can prevent them!

A phishing scam

In a phishing scam, attackers might use email, SMS, phone calls or instant messaging to trick their victims into providing information or to follow a malicious URL usually by pretending to be a trusted organisation or a member of the company they work for.

You should never respond to any unexpected emails or messages that ask you to verify any sensitive information including passwords, account numbers or addresses. If the email claims to be from someone you know contact them directly asking if it’s really them! Never click on a URL in a suspicious email, if the email is claiming to be from a trusted organisation visit their website in a separate window rather than following the link in the email.

Being connected to an unsecured WiFi network

If you connect to an unsecured WiFi network you could expose your account to email hackers. When you use such a WiFi network hackers will be able to eavesdrop on your data and intercept your passwords. To avoid this you should only ever connect to reputable networks that you trust and are password protected.

Your email address has been harvested by spammers

If you post your email address publicly anywhere online in places like online ads, social media profiles, forums or blogs it can be easily found and harvested by spammers. We’d advise you against publishing your email address anywhere on the internet.

You haven’t got up to date, effective security software

It’s imperative that you have up to date anti virus security software to protect your business from spam and email hackers. MailCleaner offers up date protection against phishing, ransomware, malware, cryptolocker and other threats. Our filtering technology checks all incoming messages for viruses, worms, macros and suspicious emails.

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