Security Secrets: Top 5 Ways To Protect Company Data


In our current data-centric decade, privacy and digital security have become a top priority for a range of businesses. Companies of all kinds can be vulnerable to data breaches, where threats may include phishing emails, insecure passwords and stolen information, all of which can compromise online safety and put businesses at risk.

Luckily there are a number of ways that these risks can be managed and reduced, where company-wide policies on data security can protect online information from a variety of threats.

Read on for a look at 5 of the top strategies for protecting your business.

1.    Safeguard Passwords

Your first line of defence against cyber security threats is to make sure that all your devices are thoroughly password protected. This includes having separate passwords to login to work systems and work programmes, where employees should be encouraged to create secure passwords for all platforms.

2.    Manage Personal Devices

Using devices for both work and personal tasks can expose your data to various threats, Separate logins can be made available for each, where location tracking and automatic data storage settings should be adjusted according to company policies. Keeping employees informed on best password practices is always advisable.

3.    Thorough Data Destruction

Managing data that you no longer need is an essential part of maintaining online security levels. Deleting files will not fully remove them from your system, where your IT personnel will need to use exacting data deletion tools to properly clear your servers. External hard drives and memory sticks should also be included in systematic cleans.

4.    Physical Data Management

In today’s digital climate, it can be easy to overlook your physical waste management, but printed documents can also present serious data security risks. You can control this by using a secure shredding service and making sure that your files are labelled and categorised properly.

5.    Invest In Protective Software

Another great way to safeguard your business is to invest in high-quality protective software, where this can be installed on your company servers or directly to your devices. Different technologies can filter spam, defend against malware and protect technology from hacking.

MailCleaner: Keeping Your Business Secure

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