Security, Practicality & Professionalism: How to Create a Good Working From Home Setup

Since the pandemic, solely working from an office is a thing of the past. A trend of digital immigration means that a hybrid work set up or working from home is now the new normal. Adapting to this new routine means you need a great set-up at home so you can work efficiently and professionally.

Here are some top things to consider when working remotely.

Use spam detection software

Anti-spam software is just as important when working remotely as it is in the office. At MailCleaner, our sophisticated filter technology includes features such as machine learning algorithms, multi-user levels and spam detection that blocks up to 99.9% of incoming viruses. The last thing you want is to put your entire email network at risk so ensuring that you have reliable software installed is essential!

Create a dedicated work area

One of the tricky things about working from home is creating a workspace. If you don’t have a desk then ask your employer if they can supply you with one or choose an area such as your dining table. Try not to be tempted by working from your bed or sofa – doing so could result in back pain! It’s also important to consider your working environment when conducting client calls. Having a proper work setup will create the right first impression.

Use a strong VPN

Is your VPN strong enough? Working from home means your employees may need a VPN to access your network but it’s essential that it’s properly protected and your staff know how to use it. A VPN (virtual private network) will ensure that your team can access everything they need when working from home. It also provides extra email security and more.

Remain professional

Working from home does come with its own set of distractions that you have to overcome. By creating a good set up with a desk, computer and a good office chair you will feel more professional and productive – if you can, try not to use an area like your living room so you have some separation between your workspace and home space.

Reduce your spam risk by investing in MailCleaner today. Our anti-spam software removes more than 99% of incoming viruses so you’re at less risk of phishing attacks and more. We’ve helped thousands of companies become better protected in offices and working from home. Add extra security to your email network today. Get in touch with our helpful team for more information.