How to Stop Scam Emails

anti spam software

Unfortunately, everyday people become victims of scam emails. With spammers becoming more sophisticated in their tactics it can be hard to differentiate legit emails from phishing tactics. However, the key is to stay well informed and follow a few additional safety measures. Staying safe online is easy when you know what you’re doing!

Here’s how to stop scam emails and stay protected.

Invest in a reliable spam filter

Is your network protected by spam filters? If you don’t have anti-spam software installed then dangerous email attachments such as spyware can easily damage your files and access sensitive data. By installing reliable antivirus software your inbox will have an extra layer of protection working in the background so spam emails don’t slip through the net.

Ask questions before actioning requests

Quite often, scam emails will arrive from recognisable email addresses but aren’t from the person in question. A tell tale sign that something isn’t quite right is when you’re asked for personal information such as passwords, banking details or log in data so it’s always best to double-check. Do not reply to the email, instead get in touch with the person to confirm if it is them or not.

Train your inbox

Training your inbox means you can help your spam filter and email network recognise future spam and junk emails. If an unwanted email does make its way into your inbox simply move it to your junk folder and over time your filters will automatically recognise and block these kinds of messages. MailCleaner includes machine learning algorithms that adapt to the ever-changing world of spam email.

Inform your staff

It’s important that all of your team members have a good understanding of online security including how to detect scam emails. Alongside installing spam protection, educate your staff on what to look out for and how to avoid potentially harmful emails – this could save you from an entire network attack! Regular training is very beneficial.

At MailCleaner, we’re dedicated to making your email network as safe as possible. Our spam protection is designed to analyse incoming emails so unsafe messages are blocked and filtered before they land in your inbox. Whether you need spam protection for your enterprise, university or government body MailCleaner has a solution for you. Get in touch with us today.