How to Protect Your School From Email Scams


As the number of cyberattacks on schools each year is rapidly increasing, it is now more important than ever to protect your school from the dangers that lurk online.

Read on for a guide to protecting your school from email scams.

Why do hackers target schools?

Hackers often target schools because they have so much data. Schools will have hundreds of pupils, each with their own personal data and information stored on computers. From schoolwork to salary information, school computer systems store valuable information which could create detrimental implications if a hacker were to get hold of them.

To make matters worse, schools have become more of a target since the pandemic as they became much more reliant on technology when in-person lessons could no longer continue. They set up WiFi hotspots around their communities for students to access and increased their use of online programmes for instruction which opened the doors much wider for hackers to infiltrate schools’ computer networks.

All it takes is one teacher, student or parent to click on a phishing email created by a cybercriminal and a ransomware attack could be underway.

So, how do you prevent a cybercriminal from hacking your school’s valuable and confidential information?

How to protect your school from email scams

Now that you know why schools are often a target for scams, here are some top tips for preventing your school from becoming a victim of a cyberattack.

Check with the sender

If it’s a genuine email, no company or individual will mind if you give them a quick call, or drop an email (to an email address you have/know or found yourself online).

Do not reply directly to an unusual email as this could escalate the issue. Finding a reliable email address online will allow you to check with the sender if the previous message was actually from them or not.

Check for spelling issues

If there are frequent errors in an email you have received, it’s a good sign it’s fake. In today’s fast-paced world, scammers are relying on your haste to allow them into your data. This is why it’s important to be highly critical and carefully check links before opening.

Use an anti-spam software like MailCleaner

The best way to keep your school protected from phishing and email scams is to download anti-spam software like MailCleaner.

At MailCleaaner, we are highly reputed by schools and universities around the world.

Based on Open Source Technologies, MailCleaner guarantee that all data are analysed confidentially.

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