How to Protect Your Employees From Phishing Emails

Learning how to stop phishing emails should be a priority for almost every business because of its ability to steal valuable information. If your employees aren’t aware of phishing emails and the dangers that it poses, then this can cause some serious issues for you and your company. For almost every business, email is the preferred communication because it is professional, easy and efficient. Your employees are most susceptible to phishing emails because they’re the ones that will be using emails the most. As a result, it’s vital that you have the right precautions in place to protect them from phishing emails.

From enlisting the help of an email protection team to conducting cybersecurity training, here’s how you can protect your employees from phishing emails!

Training is Key

One of the best ways to protect your employees from phishing emails is by actually providing them with knowledge and information so they know exactly how to identify a spam email. When organizing training days, it’s vital that you don’t make the course too mundane or formal. Although the topic at hand is serious, it’s advisable that you make the training engaging because this will capture the attention of your employees. If your staff perceive your training days as something that they simply have to get on with, then it’s unlikely that they’ll actually take anything away from it. To make it engaging, you could try incorporating quizzes, games and examples.
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Email Protection

Aside from training your staff, one of the most effective ways you can protect employees from phishing emails is by investing in email protection. Emails can be subject to viruses, spyware, ransomware, trojan and other harmful programs, so it’s important you have a spam filter to protect your business. A lot of phishing emails have become deceptively legitimate, meaning that it can be quite easy to click on them without realizing. Investing in software that protects against phishing emails eradicates this problem so you and your employees can use emails without worrying.

Report all Attacks

If you ever notice that there is a phishing attack in your company, then it is advisable that you encourage your staff to report it immediately. It’s also important that you don’t discipline your staff if they do get caught out, because this can discourage them from reporting attacks in the future.

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