How To Prepare Your Employees Against Phishing Attacks


No employer wants their employees to fall victim to a phishing attack. By unwittingly opening a dodgy link or sending information to a hacker, they could expose a business network to all kinds of unsavoury things, including malicious code, viruses, cryptolockers, trojans, keyloggers and malware. Your business’s valuable and private data could suddenly be out in the open, which is a terrible situation to be in.

To help reduce the risk of this, here are some tips on how to prepare your employees against phishing attacks, from the anti-spam experts at MailCleaner.

Passwords & Security

Ensure your employees know how to keep safe online by teaching them about passwords and security. Make sure strong passwords are being chosen and let them know how to stay safe online. Test them to see if they can tell the difference between a suspicious link and a normal one. Make sure they check website security, with links that begin with HTTPS.

Phishing Audits

A phishing audit is a great way to see how good or bad employees will react to a phishing attempt. This is where a simulated attack is carried out, based on a common phishing scenario such as HR asking to reset your password or a manager asking to process a payment.

Data can be collected on who opened the email, who followed the link, who provided sensitive data and who reported the scam attempt. The results can then be analysed to see how susceptible employees are to fishing attempts.

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Workshops are a common way to teach employees how to properly and effectively deal with phishing attempts. Train employees on the common types of spam to look out for and what to do if they are suspicious about an email they have received. Try to hire a professional who can answer any questions an employee may have about staying safe online.

Spam Blocking Software From MailCleaner

No matter how you train your employees to not fall victim to phishing attacks, the best protection is for none of the attempts to ever reach them in the first place. Reduce spam and scams by up to 99% with email spam filtering from MailCleaner.

We provide an anti-spam gateway that is installed between your mail infrastructure and the internet, working to prevent any spam from landing in employees’ email accounts. It’s a safe and secure solution that can work over a variety of domains with different spam filtering rules and is able to handle large amounts of traffic.

We also provide phishing audits where we can simulate email attacks to evaluate your employee’s reactions to phishing attempts.

We offer scalable solutions for businesses of all kinds, from SMEs & SMIs to large companies, ISPs and ASPs. Contact us now to find out more or book a 30-day free trial of our services.