How Can the Cloud Benefit Your Business? Cloud Anti Spam, Storage and More

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The cloud has quickly become one of the best ways for companies to run their business. With various business efficiencies, cost benefits and competitive advantages, the cloud is a great way to advance your strategies. However, there are still some companies who aim to operate without it, sticking to more archaic technological options that can’t keep up with the cloud. This may be due to security concerns or budgeting, however, cloud technology has come a long way in the past twenty years and now offers even more advantages than ever  before. With 69% of businesses already using cloud technology and 18% planning to implement solutions in the near future, why should you consider cloud technology for your business?

In this blog, we’ll explain how the cloud offers increased mobility, security and storage and why it is something you should consider.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is an on-demand availability of computing resources including storage and anti-spam tools. It functions in a similar way to web-based email clients by allowing users to access all features and files without keeping this system on their computers. If you don’t use the cloud, you need a significant amount of storage capacity on your computer.

It’s likely you already use cloud-based systems regularly, including Gmail, Google and even Facebook and Instagram. These services involve sending personal data to a cloud-based server that stores all the information. Businesses can benefit from the cloud because all information and data is kept in one, easily accessible location.

Cost savings

One of the major benefits of cloud computing is cost savings. Some people may be concerned about the initial setup costs of a cloud based computing system. However, you also need to consider ROI when it comes to the cloud. The cloud, once set up,makes accessing your company’s data internally much simpler. This means that you can save time and money in project startups because the information is ready and waiting.

Many cloud-based services such as cloud anti-spam solutions can be paid for as you go. This means you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or paying for features you don’t need. It’s a transparent way to pay for your computing because you only pay for what you use. The flexibility to only pay for the storage you’re using means you’ll get higher returns for lower costs. Many businesses report cost-savings when switching to cloud-based applications.


Perhaps many companies’ biggest concern, security is something you should take seriously. With more and more scams, viruses and data-theft being reported, it’s vital you invest in your business’s digital security. This may come in the form of cloud-based anti spam tools, which helps to filter out any malicious email or data from being sent to your email. Not only are these effective applications available, but the cloud is much more secure than many in-house alternatives. The cloud software has the single task to monitor a corporation’s security and is therefore much more effective.

It’s also with considering that a large proportion of data theft occurs internally, meaning employees are often the perpetrators of these crimes. This makes keeping all of your data on-site more dangerous than keeping it in safe and monitored cloud storage. Furthermore, cloud data is much easier to recover and will ensure you don’t lose important information.


You may find that your team is spending too much time focusing on IT problems and solutions regarding computer and data security. This takes precious time away from being able to focus on ensuring your product or service is as good as it can be and that your customers are receiving the best possible treatment. Instead, you can leave this responsibility to an outside organisation that offers cloud technology and leave you and your team with plenty of time to work on what really matters.

Rather than hosting on a local server, the cloud allows businesses more flexibility. For example, if you need extra bandwidth, a local server will require undergoing a complex and expensive update to your IT infrastructure. However, a cloud-based service can meet that demand instantly. Your business will benefit from the efficient and fast ability to meet your requirements straight away.


It’s no secret that knowledge is power, and achieving this knowledge is based on how well you are able to analyse and utilise information and data you already own. If you have tonnes of customer data but no way to make use of it, it doesn’t do your business any good. Many cloud-based services offer integrated cloud analytics for a bird’s-eye view of your data. This saves you having to manually sift through your data and you can easily receive insights from your information that is stored on the cloud.  Once you have analysed the data you already own, you can use the insights to increase efficiencies and build action plans to meet organisational goals.

How can cloud-based anti-spam software help my business?

Cloud-based anti-spam software is a much more effective way to protect your business from a range of phishing attacks. It is able to filter out up to 99% of malicious emails so that things like scams, viruses, trojan, malware and ransomware are caught before it is able to enter your server. Cloud-based anti-spam software is considered much more effective than on-site software because it is able to catch the virus or spam before it even reaches your inbox.

Spam refers to the mass amount of unsolicited emails sent to bulk recipients that may clog up your inbox or even leave you with viruses and malware which can severely impact your business. It can lead to data theft or file corruption meaning you lose plenty of valuable data and information. It’s likely your business won’t be able to run without this data and can leave you in a bad position. Cloud-based services offer you added protection against these risks and protect your business.

What are the benefits of cloud anti-spam solutions?

Cloud-based anti-spam solutions offer you many benefits as opposed to on-site services. These include:

  • Flexible pricing – Cloud-based services are much more affordable and are offered on a subscription basis – meaning you only pay for what you use. This allows you to have access to enterprise level technologies for a fraction of the price.
  • Comprehensive packages – Cloud services are often able to provide protection against all threats for one simple cost. This means your company receives anti-malware protection, outgoing email filtering and encryption, instant messaging protection, layered spam filtering and much more.
  • Stops spam before it reaches you – Cloud software has the added advantage that any threats are caught before they even reach your inbox. This is because all emails being sent to you are redirected to a cloud server and filtered before being sent to you.
  • Automatic updates – Instead of having to pay for new updates every time they are released, the new software will be included in your monthly subscription cost.
  • Fast response to threats – Cloud-based anti-spam tools give you a much faster response to threats, including ones that are newly released. They use a series of advanced filters and cutting edge technologies that allows them to stay on top of the latest spam threats.

MailCleaner – The Cloud-Bases Anti-Spam Solution for your business

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Any corporate business can run the risk of being attacked by phishing emails that expose your company to spyware, ransomware, cryptolocker, trojan and other harmful programs. With the effective software from MailCleaner, malware can be stopped before it even reaches your inbox and it is able to block 99% of unwanted messages. If a harmful file is detected it will be sent to a quarantine zone where you have full control over the email.

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