How Can Anti-Spam Software Benefit Businesses?


Today, businesses large and small are reliant on the internet to maximise their potential and facilitate their everyday operations. Whether it is a small-scale start-up managing client accounts or a much larger institution such as a university or financial organisation, online capabilities enable marketing, communication, research and development. It is safe to say that the world is dependent on these technological advancements.

However, as we reap the multitude of benefits provided by the digital realm, it is crucial to be aware of the risk and stay vigilant whilst conducting business and handling information. Alongside the seemingly endless possibilities of online communication, remote working and digital advancement are a number of risks; scammers, fraudsters and criminals utilise a plethora of techniques to attempt to gain access to sensitive information and data, so it is crucial to properly protect your business.

Vicious cyber attacks and malware infiltrations can cause serious problems for businesses, clients and customers. If your business relies on email communications, investing in cloud or server-based anti-spam technology is imperative.

Here at MailCleaner, we’ve put together a guide to the ways in which anti-spam software can benefit your business.

Read on to find out more.

What Is Anti-Spam Software?

If you’re unsure whether or not your business requires spam software, it may be helpful to start with an overview of the technology and its purpose.

Firstly, let’s look at the term ‘spam’. Spam is the word used to describe unsolicited bulk emails, or, emails that have been sent to a huge number of recipients without permission or request. This could take the form of harmless junk mail and unwanted advertisements or, in an alarming number of instances, the emails could contain viruses, malware and malicious content designed to infiltrate computers’ security walls.

As the name quite aptly suggests, anti-spam software is designed to prevent these emails from reaching your email inbox. Whilst it may sound simple, the algorithms and coding involved in this kind of spam risk technology is rather complex. We’ll discuss this further below.

How Does Anti-Spam Work?

So, how does this software actually work? As we mentioned above, anti-spam filters are designed to identify malicious content and junk mail before they reach a business’s inbox, eliminating the chance of viruses and cyber-attacks. In order to do this, the software ‘reads’ through incoming mail, scanning it for a number of elements that indicate the presence of spam or dangerous material.

Of course, the above explanation is largely simplified, and the technology used to filter incoming mail is incredibly sophisticated. Unlike the more basic spam filters that are provided by email providers, MailClleaner uses robust programming and a number of additional layers to filter out 99% of all unwanted messages. If an unwanted or harmful email is detected, our intuitive software will automatically send it to a quarantine zone, where it cannot cause harm. From here, it may be reviewed or destroyed.

Anti-Spam For Your Business

For businesses and organisations of any size, anti-spam software presents a multitude of benefits; taking preventive measures against junk mail and spam is more than just freeing up your mailbox, it can save your business from data leaks, financial scams and much more.

Here at MailCleaner, we understand that every business has its own specific needs, so our software and services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Alongside the option of cloud-hosted or server-based solutions, all of our software is entirely scalable. This means that whether you’re protecting 10 mailboxes or 10,000, our solutions are reliable and effective.

Below, we’ll highlight a handful of ways in which anti-spam software can benefit businesses.

Protection From Phishing

First and foremost, if you’ve been researching anti-spam software or have previously fallen victim to an email scam, you may be aware of the term ‘phishing’. Essentially, phishing is a technique utilised by scammers to coerce data and sensitive information from individuals and companies. Usually, it involves the fraudster posing as a legitimate contact or organisation in order to appear trustworthy to the recipient.

Though phishing emails are not a new problem, the ways in which they are conducted are always evolving, so using anti-spam is crucial to stay ahead of criminals. Typical examples of spam attacks involve fraudsters sending links, login pages or information requests to victims, from email addresses that aim to impersonate real companies. Some of these attacks are more obvious than others, with tell-tale signs including long strings of numbers in the email address or spelling and grammar errors in the content of the subject line. However, as scammers adapt their methods, this type of mail may appear trustworthy, especially when it is sitting in your primary inbox.

If successful, phishing mail will trick the recipient into clicking the link or opening an attachment. This action often downloads malware onto the computer or server in question, searching for sensitive information such as bank details or rendering the victim’s computer unusable until money is sent; the latter is known as ransomware.

When it comes to the prevention of phishing mail and malware attacks, anti-spam software is a necessity for businesses and organisations of any size. For the sake of your employees, clients, accounts and data, installing a reliable cloud or server-based spam filter is a must.

Data Protection

As mentioned briefly above, a spam filter plays an important role in the protection of sensitive data. Here at MailCleaner, we understand the importance of keeping your information fully confidential. Be it account details, client databases, sensitive information or technical data, our system offers a confidential and transparent analysis.

Anti-spam filters are, of course, required to ‘read’ the contents of mail automatically in order to detect malicious content. Our software is designed to handle every aspect of email management confidentially. This means that messages will never be accessible by outside sources and all information is 100% protected.

As a product, MailCleaner is entirely open source, meaning that none of the data analysis or operations are surveilled by a computer, public administration or foreign state. For this reason, our software is the perfect choice for small businesses, educational institutions and governments alike; no matter your requirements, you can be sure that your information is protected.

Increased Productivity

Aside from the multitude of security benefits and protective measures provided by our anti-spam solutions, the software can also lend a hand in increasing the productivity of your business and employees.

Gone are the days of sifting through junk mail or scouring inboxes for relevant content, with anti-spam technology, you can be sure that each piece of mail that reaches your inbox is relevant and safe.

Swift replies and efficiently organised communications are the marks of any good organisation; with MailCleaner, this is made simple.

Email Management

Alongside the wide range of benefits associated with data protection and malware prevention, anti-spam software presents the opportunity for better email management. Often, email inboxes and primary mail folders become filled with useless junk and unwanted spam. Most of this is marketing and excessive promotion and, though it may not pose a direct threat to your server or business, it clogs up your emails and makes it near-impossible to distinguish genuine mail from spam.

By using anti-spam software, businesses of all sizes are able to manage their emails using black and white list functionality as well as archiving and auditing incoming messages. As the name suggests, black and white list management enables emails to be filtered before they enter the inbox. Whether they are identified by address, content nature or other parameters, this is an efficient method of managing incoming emails.

MailCleaner: Anti-Spam For Business, Education & Government

No matter the size, or requirements of your organisation, look no further than MailCleaner for spam protection and security. As an open-source solution, we are favoured by businesses and organisations around the globe.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements with a member of our expert team, we’re always happy to help.