Email Scams To Watch Out For In Winter 2022


Opportunistic scammers and cybercriminals will look to cleverly manipulate innocent internet-users in any way they possibly can, and one of the easiest ways to reach a large volume of people at once is via email. By including personal information, recognisable brand logos and believable text, it can be difficult to discern between genuine and fraudulent communications.

Continue reading for MailCleaner’s rundown of email scams to watch out for in Winter 2022.

Energy-Related Deception

The rapidly increasing costs of domestic energy have been a prominent topic of discussion within news media for the last few months, and some cunning online criminals have taken the opportunity to exploit unsuspecting email accounts as a result.

If you receive an email promising money off of your next bill, communications claiming to be from your energy provider, or prompts to enter personal details from an unfamiliar email address, the claims within are likely too good to be true. Gain peace of mind with an antivirus cleaner.

Misleading QR Codes

QR Codes are unique coded symbols which can be scanned to redirect a user towards a particular web page or prompt them to perform a particular action. You may recognise them from restaurant tables, where they are often scannable to organise table service.

If you receive an email from a trustworthy contact which includes a QR Code, always double check the sender – email masking is common. If you receive a code from an unrecognised address, never interact with it, as you could be redirected to download harmful files or viruses.

Bogus Student Loans

An avoidable yet common scam may come in the form of a fake email from student finance. Particularly targeting recent graduates, investing in MailCleaner software protects you and your organisation from financial loss and exposure of personal details. Sophisticated anti-spam solutions ensure that even the most complex scam doesn’t break through the net.

Fake Streaming Platform Invoices

If you have access to the internet, then you’re likely to use at least one streaming platform – be it Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify. Billing cycles from these providers are usually monthly, however it can be a shock to the system if you receive an unexpected message suggesting a transaction has taken place beside your direct debit.

Checking for misspellings in an email address should always be one of your first steps, while checking the specific sites manually should clarify any confusion.

Assistance From MailCleaner

Though a reliable email set-up is necessary within most corporations or medium-sized businesses, maintaining a network without adequate protection to employees and stakeholders can expose your company to varied risks. MailCleaner are well-versed when it comes to dealing with spyware, malware and an array of other common hazards.

We halt any email-based scams before they even reach your employees inboxes, offering you peace of mind with varied packages and personalized options. Looking to safeguard your company with a reliable and universally trusted email security package? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.