Confusing Internet Safety Terms Explained

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You don’t need to be an internet newbie to get confused with some of the terminology which seems to arise every single day.  With the web an ever-changing place, jargon can crop up from all manner of places, be it social media, business forums or the latest viral video. When it comes to internet safety, knowing the latest terms could save you a lot of hassle, and having that extra know-how gives you the added benefit of identifying common viruses, security breaches and untrustworthy email threats. MailCleaner are trusted professionals when it comes to internet safety, with countless happy customers within the corporate and educational world. Providing a reliable solution to email security, our spam tools and tailored email filter will give you peace of mind while you browse.

Continue reading to understand some common internet safety phrases which can be a source of confusion.


Firewalls are a network security device which monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, deciding whether to allow or block traffic based on security rules defined by stipulations. Many types of firewalls exist, and your computer may come pre-installed with one. They are an important form of internet security which should be considered for every home computer or laptop device.


A common type of scam in which criminals trick victims into handing over sensitive information, this is often done via a malicious email, appearing to be from a trusted sender. but sometimes use other means. There are ways to spot a phishing scam, such as misspelt email addresses, suspicious wording in the email body or unprofessional formatting. This is not always the case however, so the best way to ensure complete safety is investing in a reliable email security method.


Typically found on computers but also appearing within mobile browsers, adware, also known as advertisement-supported software automatically generates adverts on a screen. By posting adverts onto a device, this produces revenue for developers. You may accidentally download adware within harmful emails.


A trojan is a type of malicious software which looks legitimate, but can take control of your computer if left unattended. Able to steal or inflict dangerous actions to your data or network, a trojan will pretend to be a legitimate application, and when downloaded it will perform the harmful action.

However necessary email applications are for many workplace operations and daily tasks, a poorly protected account may expose you to a selection of risks. Harmful programs can access computers with ease, and this is where MailCleaner comes in. Our helpful service stops malware before it even gets the chance to reach your inbox, with spam filters ensuring that more than 99% of unwanted messages are blocked, analysing each message so that you only receive the important ones. If a harmful file is detected, MailCleaner is capable of directing it to a quarantine zone, where it is unable to cause any more damage. Need more information on spam tools or email filters? Contact us today!