Common Phishing Emails To Look Out For

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Phishing is a type of online scam, designed to trick the recipient into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software. Many scammers use email to carry out phishing attacks and their methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Phishing emails take many forms but it’s important to be aware of the different types so you can protect yourself. Here, we’ll explain some common phishing emails to look out for to help you stay safe online.

Billing problems

This type of phishing email can be tricky as they often look legitimate. A common tactic is to say that there’s been a problem with your online order, complete with a link to update your billing information or address. Always, always double check these emails for spelling mistakes or any other suspicious information and never click on a link if you’re unsure about the source.

The friend email

If anyone on your mailing list has been hacked, you may receive an unusual email from their address. Look out for any suspicious emails from friends asking for money, personal information or to make a purchase on their behalf.

Bank emails

Again, these scams can be difficult to spot as the emails can look highly legitimate. Always double check URLs, look out for spelling mistakes and be aware that your bank will never email you to ask for personal information. If you receive an email asking you to transfer funds, change your pin or passwords, delete it straight away and don’t click on any links.

The government scam

These phishing emails also rely on an authority (like emails posing as your bank) to try and trick you into revealing sensitive information. Again, a legitimate government body will never ask you to enter personal details over email and these scam emails may try to add pressure by threatening a fine or a certain time limit. If in doubt, always call the company the email is claiming to be from (e.g HMRC) before you proceed.

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