Common Email Security Mistakes Made By New Internet Users

new internet user

Though you need not be a rookie internet user to fall victim to an email scam or deceptive communication, many criminals explicitly target those who are inexperienced when it comes to browsing the web, making it important to educate yourself about the common mistakes which could leave you vulnerable.

From simple password slip-ups to the dangers of answering or clicking links from unrecognised sources, if you’ve only just come to terms with the basics of browsing the web, such errors are to be expected. Although there is no guaranteed answer to spotting nefarious emails and scams (many experienced internet-users can still be conned), MailCleaner maintains a reliable and practical method for identifying such harmful content, with more than 26 years of experience concerning email safety and spam tools. Continue reading for some of our recommended tips.

Using A Guessable Password

Internet safety 101 is securing your accounts and access to sensitive information, so leaving such important content easily accessible via a guessable password is a big no-no. Though many of us opt to choose a memorable word or phrase for passwords, such as a first pet or street we grew up on, this information can easily be obtained via social media profiles and sometimes even a quick Google search, leaving your email account breachable. Ensure your passwords are unguessable by using different words for every platform, implementing a combination of capital letters, symbols and numbers, or even using one of the many random password generators available online.

Answering Spam Communications

It may be tempting to reply to a spam email with a simple polite response asking them to stop with their persistent messaging, but this is one of the worst things you can do. Replying to a spam message will inform the sender that your account is active, more than likely leading to other messages being sent, other spam emails being composed and perhaps even targeted communications which relate more personally to you. Always ignore spam messages completely, flag them, or opt to block them out altogether in an efficient manner with a reliable tool which reduces spam risk.

Not Thoroughly Checking An Unfamiliar Email Address

Though an email sent by a recognised brand may seem innocent, there are several ways in which a scammer may be concealing their true identity, whether it be through a convincing email template, false email identity or by including details which seemingly only that organisation would know.  Common false identities may include a healthcare provider, recognisable brand or online shopping platform. Observe the email address character-by-character, google the address itself for confirmation and never directly click on a link or attachment unless you’re 100% sure the correspondence is real.

Anti spam from MailCleaner is innovative, easy to install and user-friendly, with a reliable filter ensuring that 99% of unwanted messages are blocked and remain safely away from your inbox. Via a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms, and a frequently updated interface for reduced spam risk, we endeavour to keep you and your business invulnerable to phishing scams, harmful malware and much much more. Any questions surrounding our email security spam tools? Contact us at your earliest convenience.