If you’re wondering which type of anti spam software will work best for your business or university, there are many to choose from. Cloud software is a great option to filter out any unwanted spam emails that may contain malware or viruses and potentially damage lots of important data and equipment.

What are cloud based anti spam services?

Cloud based software is hosted in the cloud rather than a physical appliance and is used to filter emails for spam. It is used to filter your email before it even arrives in your mailbox by reconfiguring your public DNS so that your mail server points to the cloud-based server instead. This way, any email sent to your organisation is first checked by the antispam server before it is sent to you.

So why pick cloud software over on-premises anti spam? Here are some benefits of cloud software:

Less hassle

Compared to on-premises software, the cloud is much simpler as it doesn’t require installation and configuration software as well as many other types of software to get you started. This means that it will cost you a lot less because you won’t have installation, maintenance and updating costs and all you have to do is connect your mail server to the service. As you aren’t investing in software or hardware, there is no investment and you simply pay a monthly subscription fee.

It grows with your company

If you’re a small business or a rapidly-growing company, with a cloud based software you don’t have to worry about outgrowing your software. A cloud based service can easily accommodate more members, so if you hire 10 more employees, you simply pay for 10 more users. There’s no fear of running out of disk space, RAM or network bandwidth.

It won’t impact your network

When all the spam filtering happens on the cloud, it frees up a lot of traffic from coming through your network. As email is such a large part of most businesses networks, using cloud software can minimise clogging up the most taxing applications on your network. Also, because all this is done by a third party, it won’t affect your business’s infrastructure and gives you more effective filtering.

Cloud anti spam software is a great choice to test out anti spam options and see if they’re right for your business. However, it’s worth noting that cloud software gives you fewer configuration options and is more fragile. If the cloud service goes down you won’t receive any email until it is back up and running. Although, a good service provider will usually fix the issue as soon as possible so it shouldn’t cause too many problems.

If you need a great provider of reliable cloud based anti spam software, Mailcleaner is a business anti spam gateway for your company, education or government network. We provide flexible services for a secure option of anti spam software. Contact us today to find out more.