If your business has taken the necessary steps to remain safe by working from home or maybe remote working is going to introduced going forward, then keeping your employees safe online should be a priority. According to the National Cyber Security Centre, coronavirus-related phishing emails have become a problem among regular spam.

Here are some top tips for staying safe while working remotely.

Install anti-spam software

It’s important to keep your email network protected even when your staff are working from home. Anti-spam software will add extra security to each account by filtering the inbox and blocking spam emails before they can do any harm. It only takes one click for a virus to take hold and potentially put your entire organisation at risk.

Make sure your company VPN is as strong

If your employees need to use a VPN to access your company’s network, ensure that it is strong. There are a few simple things that you can do to improve security such as making sure your staff are only using the VPN when needed, requesting password updates and improving VPN authentication methods.

Protect video calls

If your workforce is going to be based at home for the foreseeable future then video calling is likely to become your main source of communication. However, there are some security breaches that you should be aware of such as unknown people gaining access to your video chats. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to create password-protected calls and ensure that all devices have the latest updates.

Keep your devices separate

For employers who are providing devices for their employees to use at home, ask your team to keep things separate. That means watching Netflix on their personal devices and using work-owned devices strictly for business purposes. If you click on the wrong website while browsing the internet, this could lead to business information being hacked and shared.

At MailCleaner, we understand how important it is to stay safe online. Our solutions are designed for educational facilities, businesses and governments with the main aim being to prevent spam from landing in your inbox. We’re helped thousands of companies become better protected. Add extra security to your email network today. Get in touch with our helpful team for more information.

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