5 Preventable Cyber Security Risks Faced By Schools

internet at school

The information of children and students is extremely sensitive and should be protected at all costs. Unfortunately, this is a fact that cyber criminals know all too well, with such data regularly targeted by undesirables online. Be it the addresses of your school attendees, chain emails which are shared around with malicious intent, or the breach of a content filter which has been put in place by administrators, these attacks are a worrying trend.

MailCleaner maintains updated anti-spam technology to reinforce your security, with pricing scalable and relevant to your circumstances. Useful for the prevention of many notable cyber security risks, this blog will take you through some of the more prominent online hazards faced by schools in 2022.

Data Breaches

A data breach occurs when information is accidentally supplied to individuals as part of a security slip-up, often leading to the unlawful destruction or distribution of personal details to other parties. While this can happen as a circumstance of personal error, it can prove dangerous if this information enters the wrong hands. Be careful of software that is downloaded, and remain aware when sharing any personal data with exterior parties.


An increased number of ransomware attacks are regularly affecting the education sector, and can be avoided by investing in relevant email security software, regularly scanning devices for potential threats, and having administrators monitor student behaviour on the web. Many types of harmful malware exist, including spyware and trojans, which are especially prevalent if your spam risk is high.

Inappropriate Content

Though your school will likely have a content filter set within the IT network to protect students from explicit or harmful content, there are always instances which slip through the net. Age-inappropriate content is only ever one click away when you’re searching the internet, and system administrators should be available to monitor and block any sites which have somehow averted the content filter.

Outdated Software

Though the internet has only been widely accessible to the public for a matter of decades, software packages and applications are ever-changing, and this can make existing programs ineffective. This becomes especially dangerous when the software in question is designed to keep individuals safe, and as a result, you should be constantly checking for necessary updates and new releases which are superior to your existing solutions.

Email Spam Risk

MailCleaner is ideal for educational settings, be it a large university environment or smaller local school. Protecting students is important, and the performance of our filtering system ensures maximum security, regardless of your network size and the number of email addresses that require protection. Multiple spam tools are available, so browse our website to learn more about each.

MailCleaner can help by stopping malware before it even reaches inboxes, giving you peace of mind that our industry-leading spam tool software is protecting sensitive information. Any questions? Enquire directly by giving us a call, or emailing us today