Amazon AWS

Amazon Cloud Virtual Server

We now offer MailCleaner anti spam gateway as a cloud Anti Spam Virtual Server on the Amazon AWS infrastructure. Our Amazon Cloud Anti Spam Virtual Server protects organizations of up to 1000 users. This virtual appliance will easily fit the bill for most companies that dont want to manage hardware infrastructure anymore. This version is a real Anti Spam IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Hosted in the Amazon data center of your choice it therefore meets the highest standards in safety.

MailCleaner Amazon Cloud Anti Spam Virtual Server
MailCleaner Cloud Anti Spam Services

Business Anti Spam Benefits

For SMEs and large organizations, the MailCleaner Amazon Cloud Virtual Server offers the following advantages:

  • You should not have and manage hardware for this installation
  • You dont need to deal with a MailCleaner Certified reseller
  • You dont need to worry about backups, updates, and future migration of your infrastructure …

A number of options are available, such as a Amazon Cloud Virtual Server Cluster, that puts many hosts at your disposal in redundancy configuration.


Every feature of the Virtual Appliance Solution are included in this all-in-one version: a web-based user interface, quarantines, updates every 15 minutes, etc.

MailCleaner Amazon Cloud Virtual Server come with a contract that includes automatic updates. Our engineers are constantly adapting the filtering criteria to identify the spam and any kind of abuse message received by all of our clients.

Thanks to its userfriendly administrative web interface, it’s a matter of minutes to put MailCleaner Amazon Cloud Virtual Server in production.