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Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine (SDK)

MailCleaner offers the Kaspersky module as an option to the MailCleaner Virtual Appliance or as an Add-on for MailCleaner Community Edition. This additional function increases a lot the virus detection rate of our products.

Kaspersky Protection

Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine (SDK) provides outstanding protection for traffic running through mail servers from spam, phishing and both generic and advanced malware threats, even in the most complex heterogeneous infrastructures.

Generic Detection

Generic detection refers to the detection and removal of multiple threats using a single virus signature. Generic detection involves creating a signature that is able to identify all threats belonging to the same family. So when NewVirus appears, the definition created to detect it will also successfully identify NewVirus.b, NewVirus.c, NewVirus.d, etc. if and when they’re created. It has proved effective in detecting many new threats without the need for an updated signature.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus embodies all the latest innovations from the Kaspersky Virus Lab. Now it is even faster, stronger and easier!

  • Improved malware search algorithm, which is critical considering the rapid growth of the anti-virus database
  • Improved operations with compressed objects, which contribute toward the increase of processing speed by eliminating unnecessaryI/O operations
  • Optimized anti-virus database format consuming less RAM & disk space
  • Native multithreading support


Whis Kaspersky option:

  • AV Engine is updatable: by incorporating new detection technologies, procession logic including AV database format can be upgraded/ modified by means of regular AV database updates
  • Detection of multipacked objects and objects packed using “grey” compression utilities (frequently used for hiding malicious programs from AV software)
  • Advanced heuristics module


For Enterprise Edition : add 20% to the price of the MailCleaner Virtual Appliance Solution license
For Community Edition : calculate the pricing here

To order:

For our clients: MailCleaner options 30 days free trial
For non-client: 30 days free trial for MailCleaner Virtual Appliance
For Community Edition users: Order now add-ons