Shifting your business email to the G Suite by Google Cloud doesn’t mean you have to reduce your security and compliance. Securing your email with MailCleaner ensures you get less spam in your inbox and the reassurance of backup in the event of disruption to Google services.

Don’t think that your organization is safe from email attacks because you have set up G Suite and his built in filtering system. This system will not reliably stop all the spam, phishing or virus, so you better have our system in addition.

MailCleaner works seamlessly with G Suite for more protection. MailCleaner is available either as a cloud service or as a gateway on your own server (virtual appliance).

Here are some pros you will have with MailCleaner anti spam added to Google G Suite:

  • Stronger anti spam software increasing quality of filtering
  • Manage everything from one place, reducing complexity and increasing flexibility of filtering
  • Identify and block the thousands of threats found each second with our antivirus filtering system
  • Simple and really fast setup
  • Protection against service outages with automatic email backup
  • Newsletters detection feature (not really working in G Suite)
  • Reports by email for each user – less junk mail in your inbox
  • Help and responsiveness by our support team
  • External archiving in option
  • Tracing and logs, if something need to be found
  • Compliance with Technical Standards for Communications Monitoring if you have legal requirements

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