What Is A Phishing Audit & How Can It Benefit My Business?

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In this day and age, data is everything. For a business, you want to ensure your data is kept safe. Your data being stolen or exposed could lead to a loss of profit, a loss of customer trust or even the business having to close down if a significant amount of damage has been done.

To ensure your business stays safe from scammers and spam, you want to make sure your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a phishing attempt. This is where a phishing audit can help.

Read on to find out more about what exactly a phishing audit consists of and how it can benefit your business.

What Is A Phishing Audit?

A phishing audit is a way to see whether employees at your business will fall for an attempted phishing scheme. Phishing attempts can make an employee follow a link to a fraudulent website, where devices could be infected with malicious code or viruses.

The process is actually quite simple. A company specialising in phishing audits will design an email and a fake landing page linked to the email. This fake email and landing page can be set up exactly as a business wants, from a very obvious attack to something more subtle.

The site could ask for personal details to give, or you could simply be testing to see who clicks the link in the first place. The company will then keep track of who clicked the link, who entered their personal or company details and who reported the scam. This can then be used to see how aware and prepared for phishing attempts your employees are.

Benefits Of A Phishing Audit

The benefit of a phishing audit is that you can see exactly who in your company is prepared for a phishing audit. The ideal result is everybody either didn’t respond or reported the email and you can carry on operating as usual. However, if people are clicking the link or giving out information, you can then organise further training to make sure everybody knows what to do in the case of a phishing attempt.

Phishing Audits and Anti-Spam Solutions From MailCleaner

If you’re concerned about how your employees will react in the instance of a phishing attempt, work with MailCleaner for effective phishing audits that will be able to test how well or badly your employees react.

We simulate email attacks to see who opens the email, who follows the link, who provides sensitive data and who reported the attempted scam. We can then generate a report of the results, anonymizing the employee data if needed so you simply see statistics.

We can then organise a debrief if needed to present the results and provide security awareness training. As well as this we offer solutions such as a appliance-based spam filter that will help to protect your business from viruses and spam.

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