Telltale Signs Of A Scam Email


As more people have started to embrace the internet in daily life for workplace and leisure purposes, the number of individuals being affected by scams has increased at a steady rate. With malicious scams and phishing attacks becoming sophisticated too, it can be easy to fall for these potentially devastating cons. Preparing for the inevitable email scams that will come your way doesn’t need to be difficult, with MailCleaner offering a trusted solution to nefarious email spam and unreliable attachments. The ideal solution for enterprises, hosted and software versions are available for local installation, adapting to every email security need and installing in minutes.

Continue reading to spot some of the most significant red flags that an email may be untrustworthy., and how spam tools or email filters can help you.

Suspicious Attachments

Though you may not suspect an email to be spam immediately, the inclusion of a conspicuous or unexpected attachment from an unfamiliar address may suggest that this email is from a harmful source. Never open an attachment from an unknown sender, as this may contain a virus. Even if your antivirus software indicates that the message is safe, attackers are constantly releasing new viruses which may go undetected.

Requests For Payment

Requests for payment are an immediate suggestion that an email is unsafe or sent from a scammer. Common examples of emails requesting payment may include threats or seem aggressive in tone. If you have any worries about the contents of an email, contact your local authorities. Scammers may even attempt to disguise themselves as companies you have shopped with previously, though reliable spam tools from MailCleaner will spot this.

Grammar Or Spelling Mistakes

Emails sent by a professional company will usually be thoroughly proofread before distribution, minimising mistakes and ensuring the sender is well represented to their various customers. An instantly recognisable sign that an email may have been sent with harmful intent is that the body contains various mistakes. The sender may be masquerading as a reputable company to compromise your email security, but if there are suspicious spelling errors, you should avoid responding altogether.

Inconsistencies In Addresses And Names

Inconsistencies in email addresses and sender names can be spotted by the eagle-eyed among us, but just as easily missed if you are scanning along quickly. Minor changes in the name of a sender (For example, the email address of Amazon spelt “Amazzon”) will suggest that the email is not official.

Although email is necessary for many corporate operations, it may also expose your company to a number of risks. Harmful programs can easily access business computers and this is where MailCleaner can help, stopping malware before it even reaches inboxes. Spam filters ensure that more than 99% of unwanted messages are blocked, analysing each message, so you only receive those that are important. If a harmful file is detected, MailCleaner will automatically send it to a quarantined zone where it cannot cause any more damage in the future. Require more information on our spam tools and email filters? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.