Organisations Which Are Commonly Impersonated By Email Scammers


As internet usage has become increasingly widespread throughout the last few decades, criminals have formulated progressively intelligent ways to infiltrate personal profiles, attain sensitive financial information, and even commit forms of identity theft. Although sophisticated email security measures have developed in-line with the popularity of web browsing, the convincing nature of some scams means that even the most experienced internet users can be duped.

Let Mailcleaner take you through some of the most commonly targeted organisations and institutions, which are convincingly impersonated by phishing email scammers and amateur criminals.

Banks And Financial Companies

Email scams involving banks and finance companies are shockingly common, and the convincing nature of such attempts make them difficult to spot. Often a criminal will attain details of the banking company you’re with, alongside some basic identifiers such as your home address or full name.

They will then include these defining details within a clever phishing email template, prompting you to enter more sensitive credentials. In the worst cases, this may lead to a stranger accessing your balance.

Your Employer

By browsing social media such as Facebook or Linkedin, an undesirable may be able to discover which company you work for, within just several clicks. Having attained this info, they may then proceed to use a false identity or create a persona of someone supposedly representing your company.

None of us want to upset our employers, so if this is executed correctly, you may be prompted to reveal passwords or security phrases. Consequently, whether you want to protect a few mailboxes, or thousands at a time,  the various solutions from Mailcleaner are scalable and set at a suitable price.

Social Media Sites

Most of us are on one form of social media, and if we were to receive an email informing us of a compromised password, it would no-doubt be alarming. This is the type of incident which scammers look to emulate, posing as Twitter, Instagram, or another site to attain details from unsuspecting users. Protect yourself by always checking for email address masking before clicking links, or investing in an innovative email security package.

Online Stores

One of the more common scams, which you may have even  encountered yourself, is phishing in the form of a fake online retailer. Be it Amazon, Ebay or another popular store, criminals may set up a seemingly authentic version of the email template, and report on a ‘declined payment’ or ‘exclusive offer’. More often than not, these same issues should flag up on your account when you log in conventionally via the web browser, so if you’re left in any doubt, check in this way.

When you opt for Mailcleaner, expect a premium antivirus cleaner service, alongside assistance from our team concerning first-time installation and any consequent updates. Our pricing model is even flexible to your needs – so from small companies, to large commercial clients, we provide exclusive discounts and deals. Are you a University or Government stakeholder looking to protect employees or students? Contact us today.