How To Keep Your Business Safe On The Internet


The internet is one of the greatest inventions of recent history. We’re sure nobody would deny that fact. After all, it has laid the foundations for modern society. What’s more, this virtual world of searching, streaming, listening, and creating gives everyone the platform to make their dreams a reality. That is what is truly special about modern technology, all you need is a computer and an internet cafe and then you’re off with the world wide web at your fingertips.

Of course, the benefits of this incredible creation are there for all of us to see. For one the world is now full of businesses that have made millions through internet trading and companies which deal solely in digital currencies. However, there are still a few risks that the everyday internet user should be aware of. In fact, these risks go far beyond the casual user. Businesses should also keep a close eye on the dangers of the web and make sure that they are doing everything in their power to mitigate these and create a safe workspace.

You may well be reading this blog with a certain air of scepticism. What are these risks? How could they affect my business? What could I possibly do to reduce these risks? These questions are more than fair to ask and here at MailCleaner, we are here to help answer these questions and set you down a path of internet security and safety. So how can you keep your business safe on the Internet? Continue reading to find out more!

Strong passwords

One of the easiest ways in which a hacker or virus can infiltrate your business is by guessing your online passwords. Many people choose passwords which relate to them or that are easy to remember such as a single word or number. These passwords however are incredibly easy for hackers to guess. You should choose passwords which have a variety of symbols and characters while also using a mix of upper and lower case letters.

Educate your staff

Sometimes your staff may not know the ins and outs of internet safety which means they may slip into the traps made by viruses and hackers. By educating them on Internet safety basics you can mitigate this risk.

Use anti-spam protection

Spam can fill your email inboxes which may lead to you or your staff missing important emails or making unforeseen errors and mistakes. Therefore it is imperative that you use a spam filter service to protect this side of your business.

If you’re after a business that can safely and quickly remove the risk of internet spam then here at MailCleaner we can help. We have plenty of experience in the industry and are laden with knowledge about the online world. So, one thing is for sure we can certainly help clean up your online risks and set you on a path to internet success. Feel free to contact us today and speak with our experienced and knowledgeable staff to find out more!