How To Keep School Children Safe On The Internet

internet at school

Whether you’re a headteacher, ICT teacher, or just utilising the internet in your lesson, you want to keep school children safe on the internet. Being online is an integral part of life nowadays and that includes the world of teaching. And while you may not be able to control how they use the internet at home, you can help to protect school children while using school laptops, computers and tablets.

Here are some tips for keeping school children safe on the internet.

Online Safety Training

The best way to keep children safe on the internet is to simply teach them to be safe on the internet. Ensure staff have the knowledge and schedule time to teach children about e-safety and the dangers of the online world. You can teach children about not talking to strangers online, how to avoid strange websites and any other issues that may seem important.

You can schedule guest talks from experts in this field who are specially trained to inform children about e-safety.

Block Websites

The internet is full of wonderful teaching resources that can be utilised to great effect. But it is also full of websites you don’t want school children to be going on. This can range from social media, to streaming services or to inappropriate sites that kids might accidentally stumble across.

By setting up a blocking system, you can select and manage websites to block, keeping children away from sites and enabling them to safely use the internet. Blocking software can trawl the internet for inappropriate material, or you can set up your own list of banned sites.

Anti-Spam Protection

Spam is relentless, and won’t go easy on people just because they’re children. That is why it is essential to keep student’s email accounts safe from any potential phishing emails or viruses that could be sent to them. A child or teenager is less likely to know about the dangers and consequences of interacting with spam, so may not be as wary of opening links or replying to emails that they receive.

MailCleaner: A Spam Email Filter You Can Rely On

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