4 Scams To Look Out For This Year

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Scammers are rife in this day and age, and even though people love to see the best in people, it can be difficult to know what is a scam and what is genuine. In 2023, the team here at MailCleaner are hoping to see a reduction in the number of scams occurring by helping to educate people on what scams might be going around. So here are 4 scams to look out for this year.

Cost Of Living Scams

With prices of electricity, water and fuel increasing, a lot of scammers are now utilising ploys that will offer to pay or help out with cost of living issues. This could be a fake company offering to supply you with cheap gas, or faking an email from your energy provider with discount offers. Support for the cost of living is on the way, but in the meantime, scammers will try to take advantage of people.

Payday Loan Scams

A classic that will still be popular in 2023 is the payday loan scam. This offers fake payday loans so that someone struggling to make ends meet can have a bit more money to last them the rest of the month. If you need to get a loan, make sure you research properly to ensure the source of the loan is a credible source, such as a bank or a well-known loan company.

QR Code Scams

This is quite a new scam that has started to be seen a lot more in recent months. Scammers will put fake QR codes over real ones, then when a person scans it, they will be taken to a malicious website and have information stolen from them. Always be wary of scanning QR codes, especially ones seen in public, as these could easily be manipulated to be fake QR codes.

Fake App Scams

With more people on smartphones than ever before, scammers have turned to creating fake apps to help them with their schemes. When these apps download they can be used to access details or track your activity across other apps. It is always best to read reviews of an app before downloading, or only download apps from credible sources you trust.

Spam Blocking Software From MailCleaner

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