What is the best SpamExpert Solarwinds replacement solution?

MailCleaner anti spam products are the ideal alternatives for SpamExperts anti spam since they was acquired by Solarwinds MSP. MailCleaner offer the best replacement for your business anti spam solution. The migration from SpamExpert to MailCleaner is very simple and cost friendly.

  • For Enterprise or governments, MailCleaner offer a free and simple migration from SpamExperts to his Cloud hosted anti spam: “MailCleaner Hosted Solution” or “MailCleaner Cloud Virtual Appliance”
  • For ISP, the ideal alternative to Solarwinds Spam Experts is MailCleaner for ISP. This solution is very simple to manage and allow the best return on investment for ISPs. ISP can also choose between installing MailCleaner Antispam at their premises or to use our Virtual Appliance on the Cloud


  • MailCleaner products are less expensive than SpamExpert (Solarwinds) new pricing and offer an attractive replacement solution.
  • Price per domain and with outgoing filtering included !
  • MailCleaner products have more features than SpamExpert (Solarwinds) and other anti spam filters on the market.
  • MailCleaner products are less expensive than SpamExpert (Solarwinds) and offer a real and reactive support.
  • MailCleaner products are developed and hosted in Switzerland, in very safe datacenters (for the Cloud version) and guarantee that all your data are analyzed confidentially and not under surveillance by a competitor or a foreign state.
  • MailCleaner products are Open source licensed. Each client who wishes to do so can audit the source code.
  • The electricity used by our MailCleaner “MailCleaner Hosted Solution” or “MailCleaner Virtual Appliance” is guaranteed to be 100% renewable energy
  • Competitive Replacement Program.

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