Definitions of the most commonly used words.


A process that verifies that the true identity of a person matches the identity claimed by this person. Successful authentication in MailCleaner is necessary for a user to access his or her quarantine.

Analysis Center

A team of specialized engineers working at the MailCleaner headquarters whose role is to guarantee at all times the best possible quality of filtering in response to global spam traffic, virus activity and adjustment requests from MailCleaner users worldwide.

Dangerous content

Suspicious content found in a message that has been filtered out as a preventive measure by your ISP or e-mail administrator.

Domains under protection

All of the Internet domains examined by the same instance of MailCleaner (examples :,

False negative

Spam that has not been identified as such by the MailCleaner filter. All false negatives should be reported to the Analysis Centerto take corrective action.

False positive

A legitimate message considered as spam by MailCleaner. All false positives should be reported via a filter adjustment request.

Fastnet SA

The nice folks who are the authors of MailCleaner. They are just the opposite of spammers. Fastnet headquarters are in St-Sulpice, Switzerland.

Filter Adjustment Request

A voluntary action on the part of a user in case a legitimate message is blocked or spam is delivered to your mailbox. In the first case, filter adjustment will render MailCleaner more tolerant towards a particular sender or format. In the second case, MailCleaner will reinforce its filter. Filter adjustment requests are handled by the MailCleaner Analysis Center.

Filter rule

A mathematical and statistical analysis of specific characteristics of a message in order to determine whether it should be considered as spam.


Internet Service Provider, a company providing access to the Internet and offering e-mail services.

Management Center

A private Internet zone where you can inspect incoming quarantined messages and configure different MailCleaner options.


An extension that can be added to a preexisting software application. The MailCleaner plug-in for Microsoft Outlook simplifies the process of notifying of false negatives.


An isolated area outside of your mailbox for storing messages identified as spam.

Quarantine report

An automatically generated periodic report which lists all blocked messages and which provides tools to inspect their content and to release quarantined messages if necessary.


Realtime Blackhole List. RBLs maintain lists of servers in real time known to send spam. Using RBLs is very simple in principle: If an incoming message is sent by an RBL-listed server it is considered a priori as spam. The difficulty in using RBLs is the need to continuously verify that they are reliable.

Releasing a message

User action that releases a quarantined message so that it can reach the recipient’s mailbox.

Retention period

Period of time during which a quarantined message may be consulted. When the retention period expires, the message is automatically deleted.


A quarantine indicator that offers a weighted, numerical estimation that a message is spam or not.


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. A protocol used to send electronic mail.


An electronic message that is unwanted by the recipient, but without any dangerous content. Also called “junk mail”.


E-mail address spoofing is a spammer’s strategy where the sender of a message is forged in an attempt to disguise spam as a legitimate message from another sender.


Country of origin of MailCleaner, where spam is eradicated with watchmaker’s quality and precision.


An intrusive software entity, sometimes included as an attachment to a message, which may alter the integrity of your computer.

Warn list

A list of e-mail addresses that are trustworthy and should not generate spam. You will receive a warning if a message sent from a warn list address is blocked by MailCleaner.

White list

A list of e-mail addresses that are fully trustworthy. Messages sent from white list addresses will never be blocked by MailCleaner.


What we hope you will say as a MailCleaner user.