MailCleaner includes a module dedicated to “Newsletters Detection”.

The “Newsletter Detection Module” recognizes newsletters and adds a tag in the headers of each message with a score.
For example: Newsl (score=5.0, required=5.0, MC_NEWS_NIPRBL=5)

By default the user will see Newsletters in the quarantine (and summary reports) with a special Newsletter icon to show the difference with spam. The user can click to release only one time the message (exactly as for spam) but also has the possibility to add the sender to his newsletter whitelist by a simple click on “Accept this newsletter”. This will definitively accept this newsletter.

In this mode, after a small period of adaptation, the final user will receive only the newsletters he wants to receive and all others will remain in quarantine.
Note that an email can be recognized as “newsletter” AND “spam”. Both are separated and an email can be quarantined as spam even if the user asks to receive it as newsletter.

We strongly recommend to activate this feature. This increases greatly the filtering quality for all users. False negative reports that would be recognized by this module will no longer be analyzed by us.

Activation through the Admin interface for the domain:
Configuration -> Domains -> Filtering and then uncheck the option: “Allow newsletters by default :”

Activation through the user interface:

When you allow a Newsletter, this adds both the envelop sender and the body sender to the whitelist with a specific tag. Note that this will not affect the spam filtering process.