Spamhaus provide MailCleaner realtime highly accurate information by helping our clients to block incoming connections from IP addresses or domains which Spamhaus identify to be origination of spam or malware. The use of Spamhaus lists in MailCleaner rejects a very large amount of junk mail and viruses, with very few false positive rejections of legitimate mail. This will greatly increase phishing and the detection of other threats.


Spamhaus Content-base blacklists (DBL, HBL, & ZRD) is a list of web sites that have appeared in unsolicited messages and not a list of message senders. Spamhaus Content-base blacklists has proven to be a highly-effective way to detect cracked websites that host malware, phishing or other malicious content.



ESET’s state-of-the-art scanning engine with unsurpassed scanning speed and detection rates combined with a tiny footprint makes ESET Server Security for Linux, the ideal choice for our MailCleaner antispam solutions.