In light of recent world events, the chances are you’ve been working from home recently. This is hardly surprising and has become standard practise for most of us. Whether the whole experience of working remotely is completely new to you or you’re used to it, internet safety and cybersecurity should be at the forefront of your mind.

Taking this into account, we outline to you some very simple measures for ensuring safety and security while working from home making sure your device and online data is as safe as possible.

Update your software regularly

Everyone that uses a phone, tablet or computer will get notifications about updating your software. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us tend to postpone doing so. Don’t delay carrying out an update. You also need to consider that you can configure any devices that you use to update themselves automatically. This is going to be useful in a range of ways but most importantly will protect your data.

Use an anti-spam software

Throughout the pandemic, there have certainly been cases of individuals exploiting the opportunity of lots of us working remotely with fake spam emails being sent to employees with content relating to Coronavirus policy updates with fake links. Using an anti-spam software can help to protect you and your employees against this kind of thing.

Make sure your VPN is on

VPN stands for virtual private network and is the thing that is going to help you safeguard any data which you will be sending while working from home. Your VPN is going to give you a secure link between you and your business.

Invest in antivirus software

Using antivirus software can be really beneficial while working from home. Antivirus software works as a program which will detect a virus and then works to remove it from the computer. Not only is it beneficial on a personal level regarding your own personal data but also relating to work security.

Here at MailCleaner, we understand how important it is to ensure you are safe online wherever you are working. This is why we offer a range of services which are an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses or private individuals. To find out more contact us.

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