Within your email system, the spam folder is one of the most important categories. Although you may only be paying attention to what’s in your inbox, the junk folder plays an important role in keeping you safe and filtering the messages that you directly see.

Here’s all you need to know about spam folders.

What is the purpose of a spam folder?

According to Spam Laws, spam accounts for 14.5 billion messages globally per day! At some point, you will encounter spam or junk emails but as spammers find new techniques it’s becoming harder and harder to spot malicious emails among malicious emails.

The spam folder sends all of your unwanted emails into one safe place so they do not clutter your inbox, however, sometimes harmful messages slip through the net and end up in your main inbox.  Nevertheless, the junk folder is an integrated way of adding extra protection to your email system.

What kind of emails goes into your spam folder?

Despite the new and sophisticated methods of creating phishing and spam emails, there are a few obvious features that make junk emails easy to spot. Emails that are blocked or sent to your junk folder often include the following:

Attachments or links

If you receive an email containing a link or attachment and you do not know the contact, you should never interact with them. More often than not, this is simply a way of sending a virus to your computer and the effects can be devastating but luckily this is usually picked up by anti-spam software.

Unusual email addresses

One technique that spammers like to use is slightly altering legit email addresses from real companies to appear legit, for example, switching an ‘O’ for a ‘0’. Emails from these type of accounts can be difficult to recognise and could result in you sending personal information to the wrong person.

Trigger words

Spam filters will scan the content of an email to make sure that it is safe. Particular words and phrases can determine whether an email goes to spam or your inbox. Saying things like “Double your income!” or “You’re a Winner!” is a surefire way to gain unwanted attention from those filters.

If your inbox is becoming filled with junk emails and suspicious-looking messages, you need anti-spam software that will keep your inbox safe. At MailCleaner, we work with universities, businesses and government bodies to provide an effective way to protect your email accounts. With pricing options to suit all budgets, looking after your email network is easier than ever. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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