Many businesses use email to increase their marketing efforts, reach new customers and improve sales. Businesses will want to reach as many potential customers as possible and email deliverability is the rate at which your email reaches recipients’ inboxes, without bouncing back or being classed as spam.

Spam software is increasingly sophisticated and you might be accidentally including things that will see your email classed as spam. You’ll want your email deliverability to be as high as possible, so see below for our top tips to improve your rate.

Avoid all caps

It might be tempting to use all capital letters in your subject line to get the recipient’s attention but this isn’t a good idea. All caps can look aggressive and many people associate it with spam email. Focus on other ways to get people’s attention instead, like a catchy opening line or personalising your emails.

Don’t email people if they’ve bounced repeatedly

When was the last time you looked through your mailing list? If certain addresses are bouncing back each time, it’s likely to be a closed, invalid or non-existent email address. Internet service providers use a range of tools to ascertain an email sender’s reputation and too many hard bounces can flag your emails as spam.

Increase your chances of emails reaching user’s inboxes by regularly clearing your mail list of invlaid or closed email addresses.

Test emails before sending them

Some email marketing tools let you preview your email before you send it. This is a great way to get an idea of what the email will look like on different devices and for different email clients (e.g Gmail, iPhone mail). You’ll be able to see the design of your email and make any necessary changes before sending it out en masse.

Avoid exclamation marks

Exclamation marks in your email subject line or main body can look spammy, especially if you use multiple exclamation points in a row. One occasional exclamation mark isn’t too bad, but try to generate excitement and enthusiasm through your language and subject matter instead.

Don’t use red font

Again, you might think that red font will help your email stand out from the crowd, but it’s a common trick employed by scammers. Emails using red font are more likely to be filtered out by anti-spam software, so stick to a black font and choose a type that’s easy to read. Research suggests that recipients don’t like coloured fonts either and one study found that over 60% considered it unacceptable for email marketers to use different font colours.

Noone likes spam emails, so protect your business with anti-spam software from MailCleaner. We provide a range of software packages to protect you against viruses and eliminate up to 99% of spam. Our solutions are suitable for small businesses, larger corporations, educational establishments and government organisations, so contact us today to find out more.

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