Three Reasons to Offer Employees Cyber Security Training

Investing in your employees will only ever bring great change! Training your employees to do their jobs correctly and efficiently can help you increase productivity, boost profits and minimise downtime. However, offering job training isn’t the only way to invest in your employees. You should also offer regular cyber security training to make sure everyone in your company is aware of your official online safety and security protocols. Here’s why.

Training your employees to spot spam emails and phishing attacks will prevent data security breaches

Ultimately, training your employees in cyber security can help you avoid dangerous data security breaches. If just one employee clicks on a phishing link, your company could fall victim to a serious attack. This could see you lose important financial details and confidential client information, not to mention tarnish your reputation. However, regular training could help your employees identify and spam email attacks and avoid data breaches.

It’s also important to note that spam email attacks evolve quickly and frequently. For this reason, you should make employee training a regular event. This will make it easier to identify new tactics, especially as whaling email attacks become more common.

Putting a protocol in place will help employees act quickly if there’s a data breach

Unfortunately, even regular training sessions can’t protect your company from data breaches altogether. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, so there’s a chance that an employee will fall victim to an attack – even if they feel confident in their ability to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate emails. However, with regular training, they will be more likely to act quickly in the event of a phishing or whaling attack. This might mean alerting your IT department or disconnecting their device from the internet.

Training your employees regularly is your responsibility

Your employees should do everything they can to prevent data breaches, but as their employer, it is your responsibility to equip them with the tools and training to use the internet safely. Remember – if something goes wrong, you will be held accountable. This could see you lose important, high-paying clients and tarnish your company reputation. In addition to training your employees regularly, it is also your responsibility to invest in a high-quality, anti-spam filter for your company server.

Investing in a cloud-based anti-spam gateway will prevent spam emails from entering your employees’ inboxes in the first place, so it’s vitally important to put this in place for your business. Regular employee training is essential, but you shouldn’t rely on this alone to keep your business safe online.

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