Struggling to Find Important Emails? Here Are Some Top Organisational Tricks

Whether you have an influx of emails from clients and colleagues or you’re in communication with students, managing your inbox is important. The last thing you want is to lose track of important emails or compromise your email security by clicking on spam messages. Here are some top tips for organising your email.

Use labels to organise your inbox

If your inbox is constantly full then going back and looking for particular messages may be confusing. However, using labels allows you to organise your inbox into categories such as clients, personal or financial so you can easily navigate through your emails and find exactly what you need. Your email will already use an email filter to pick out spam but you can organise it yourself too for better organisation.

Create an important folder

You might find it useful to put all of your important emails into one folder. This is ideal if your inbox isn’t so full that it requires labelling but you’d still like to keep your important emails separate. That way, when you do need that email you can look in one place and have everything you need.

Reply as soon as you receive the email

A simple yet effective way of staying organised is to reply to emails as soon as you receive them. Putting this aside could result in emails getting lost or you forgetting to respond which is not professional. If you receive an email that only requires a quick answer then it’s better to reply so you don’t miss important emails.

Star important emails

The star feature allows you to mark specific emails. You’ll then be able to see important emails at a glance so you can reply, move or save them. This is a quick and easy way of improving your organisation.

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